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A Voice Calling In The Wilderness

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The Veritas Resurgence

   The Show

Here we will expose the truth, teach the word, discuss the dangers, lies and enemies we are surrounded by. What a believers role is and how we should live in and react to a sinful and fallen world. How we can break free from the destractions of entertainment and engage in the war we are standing in the middle of.

We will discuss what we have witnessed, what we are witnessing, and what we will wittness. What it all means, and what we should be doing about it.

We will answer the questions most important to you the listener. We will Call out what God is expecting from us, how God makes a way for our return to him and the blessing of such a return.

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The Voice

Some years ago, God laid on my heart a mission very similar to that of John the Baptist, to proclaim God’s truth, and expose the lies of the world for all those that would hear. 


Like many, though I love God with all my heart, I was hesitant to take on this role, the world had taught me I was unworthy to do God’s work. I had no idea how to do what he was asking. I had no confidence as a speaker, and I despised the sound of my voice. So, I ran from His calling. He pursued me and burdened my heart. Eventually I stopped running. I still had no idea what I would do, but I told God if he showed me what to do, I would do it.


God then gave me the vision for A Voice Calling In The Wilderness podcast. I began working on the project with some friends and shortly we ran into spiritual resistance, and I watched as the dream withered and died, so I thought.  A year later, on the very first day I attended New Hope, God spoke and told me this was where A Voice would call home. The dream was alive again, and with Pastor Durham’s support and encouragement we have persevered.


Just as John shouted “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.” God has directed that I exclaim “Repent and turn from the ways of the world, open your eyes and reject it’s deceptions, prepare for the return of The King”. Like in John’s day, many people believe that Jesus’ return is near. Now is the time to get our hearts right, the time to take on the roles described in the Beatitudes, the time to incorporated into our lives, the Word we know and love. 


So, now Here I stand shouting to all those that will hear, our time is short, the King will return soon. There is a war for our souls being fought every day, we can either engage in the fight or be destroyed. I do not believe surrender to the enemy is an option. I will share the truth, I will expose the lies for what they are, I will rally all those that eagerly await the King, and I will help to set all those willing free. For we are told, the gates of hell will not prevail. God’s power, working through His Word and His people will ensure this. 


I Am A Voice Calling In The Wilderness


Veritas Resurgence

To rebuild the spirit of the Church and reignite the fire of the Living God in the hearts of man.

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  • I have a question, how to I contact the show?"
    Dr. Craig responds to a weekly Question of the Week! You can use our Index to find a particular question or topic. You can also submit a question of your own.
  • Where can I find videos?
    You can find us on YouTube at DrCraigvideos, which features short clips, and at ReasonableFaithOrg which hosts full-length videos of Dr. Craig’s many debates, lectures, and weekly Defenders Class.
  • How can I stay informed and up to date with the show?
    The Reasonable Faith podcast features lively conversation about the issues of the day. Defenders Livestream on Facebook is available each week and a rich archive of past series are available on our full-length YouTube channel.
  • How can I get involved in the conversation?
    Interested in discussion about the issues raised in Dr. Craig’s work? Join our Open Forum or find a local Reasonable Faith Chapter in your area. See the RF Chapters section for information on how to start a chapter of your own.
  • Where can I find books and recordings?
    Dr. Craig’s books and recordings are available for purchase in our store.



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